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Kendall and Kylie Inspired Outfits for School 

Links available here, here, here, here and here

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Anonymous said: How would you describe Kylie's fashion style?

It kind of has a 90’s feel to it. It’s very ‘street’, ‘edgy’, but still chic at the same time xx Kataia

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Kendall and Kylie in Yeezus tops 

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My favourite outfits that Kylie has worn in summer

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Anonymous said: Not sure if someone's asked or you've posted before but do you know where Kylies shorts were from when she went to the Made in America concert (I think that's where she went), she wore like a black crop top and sort of like basketball shorts, or if you have any idea where I could get some that ship to Australia? Thank you soooo much! Not urgent, anytime, even like a year from now lol :) Ty

Haha cool. I had a look for them but I haven’t found them yet. I thought they were Alexander Wang but I couldn’t find them. I will keep looking though xx Kataia

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Anonymous said: Has there been a picture this week of just kendall Gigi and hailey only? Please link if so! :) thanks!

I haven’t seen one. There has been a picture of Hailey, Gigi and Gaby Westbrook though xx Kataia

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exceedingtheexterior said: Will you please post the different yeezus shirts that kendall and kylie have been spotted in?

Of course! They aren’t available online anymore but I can post them wearing them xx Kataia

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alexuhr said: What would kendall and kylie wear to a pool party?

Probably a cute bikini from Triangl or Frankie’s Bikinis, with a pair of high waisted ripped denim shorts and a kimono like this one xx Kataia

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alexandragrandson said: Kylie, have extensions in her hair?

Right now she does xx Kataia

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Anonymous said: i think zara has just brought in an alternative to kendall's celine black boots, the high heeled cowboy boots!

Thank-you so much! xx Kataia

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